Massdrop x Peak to Plateau Yakino Wool Sweater

$49 $129.99

Yaks are pretty incredible creatures. To survive high in the mountains, where temperatures dip to 40 below, they’ve developed long, coarse hair and a soft down undercoat for extra insulation. Yak wool is like merino with the power turned all the way up: It’s warmer, softer, and more breathable. It insulates when wet, protects from the sun, and provides exceptional temperature control. Factor in that it’s naturally antibacterial and resistant to static cling, and it’s no surprise that yak wool goes into some of the best-performing base layers in the outdoor industry. We teamed up with the folks behind these garments—New Zealand–based Peak to Plateau—to make a winter collection that transitions smoothly from the mountains to the coffee shop. It uses a newly developed fiber: 50 percent yak, 50 percent merino, 100 percent awesome.

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