Massdrop x Mitch Lum Precision EDC Top

$25 $39.99

Designed by renowned spinning top maker, Mitch Lum, the Massdrop x Mitch Lum Precision EDC Top is the perfect balance between performance and aesthetics. Crafted with a brass body, the bell-shaped top delivers spin times of up to 8 minutes or more with a good surface and some practice. At its core is a piece of solid 7075 aluminum, which is stronger and harder than the 6061 variety found in many other tops. The result is minimized bearing setback over time, great for those who like drop spins. For grip, the top is cut with Lum’s signature style, the GunnerGrip—a term that was originally coined by knifemaker Rob Simonich. To get you started, we're throwing in a concave glass spinning base, too.

Note: This product may exhibit tarnish from the natural patina of the brass over time.

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