Massdrop x Intern Series 2: Laptop Folio

$20 $50
In February of 2018, “The Techwear Intern” began sharing his work with online fashion and streetwear communities, and users around the world gathered to watch him take on (and complete) a new project for 30 straight days. In an under-equipped studio, under strict deadlines, Intern took the industry by storm with his innovative patterns, technical materials, and no-to-low-waste policy—from concept to finished sample.\nSince the ambitious challenge, Intern’s been busy working alongside our team at Massdrop, iterating the designs he revealed through his challenge just a few months ago. Together, we've worked out the bugs, refined the designs, and further reduced manufacturing waste. The result: an incredible ecosystem of intercompatible products called the Modular Adaptive Carry Standard (MACS). Made of lightweight, waterproof, and super-durable X-Pac fabric, each piece stands alone as a daily essential for anyone who wants to organize their carry. Combined with the rest of the continually growing MACS product system, the possibilities are virtually endless.

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