BlackVue DR900S 2-Channel 4K Dash Cam

$385 $480

The top of the line dash cam from an industry standout, the BlackVue DR900S offers stunning footage from any angle on the road. The front camera is built for clarity above all else. Capable of 4K footage thanks to its Sony CMOS sensor, it can capture at 162 degrees. The rear camera is no slouch, either: It deliverss 1080p video at 30 frames per second with a 139-degree viewing angle. With built-in GPS and dual-band Wi-Fi, the dash cam allows you to change settings, track your route, and rewatch footage on the fly. The built-in motion detector and G-sensor are great for parking mode if your car is hit. Plus, the H.265 codec allows you to save 4K footage just like you would full HD footage at the H.264 codec.

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