Lavatools Javelin PRO Duo

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The most accurate and reliable meat thermometer you’ll ever need, the Javelin PRO Duo gives you a reading in just 3 seconds. And just because it’s fast doesn’t mean it isn’t accurate: The Javelin is accurate to within less than 1 degree Fahrenheit. It’s also got a 2-inch anti-fog display with a motion-activated backlight and an ambidextrous design that automatically flips when used by both righties and lefties. It has an integrated magnet for storage, an IP65 splash-resistance rating, and silver-based antimicrobial protection to keep it going for the long haul—a whopping 4,000 hours on a single battery, to be exact. It’s got you covered whether you’re cooking meat, baking bread, boiling candy, or deep frying potatoes.

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