Massdrop x Naked & Famous 14oz Streaky Slub Denim

$50 $99.99
For those who like their denim with loads of texture, we teamed up with Naked & Famous to make the 14-ounce streaky slub. Each pair features custom rope-dyed selvage from the denim capital of the world: Okayama, Japan. The fabric is woven on vintage low-speed shuttle looms using yarn that has waves, bumps, and different thicknesses throughout. This results in surface irregularities and a more organic, tactile hand than you get from denim woven with uniform yarn. Cut and sewn in Montreal, these jeans have a micro selvage edge that’s about one-third the size of a typical selvage ear. A bit heavier than your average denim, they’ll feel somewhat stiff at first and require 3 or 4 weeks to break in. Gradually, the rigid, durable fabric will produce distinct wear patterns that reflect your use.

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