Pioneer Elite Home Theater Speakers

$225 $699

Note: The Speaker option below is one speaker each. If you'd like two speakers, please add the option twice.

Designed by Pioneer’s Chief Speaker Engineer, Andrew Jones, the Pioneer Elite home theater speaker bundle will turn your living room into a full-on theater. It includes a pair of floorstanding speakers, a center channel speaker, and a powered subwoofer. At the heart of each speaker is the Coherent Source Transducer: a proprietary design that reduces interference between the driver and tweeter by controlling sound at all frequencies, ensuring direct and reflected sound arrive at the listening position at the same time. Both the floorstanding and center speakers have a true three-way speaker design that allows them to fire in multiple directions for the best possible reflection. The floorstanding speakers have three 5-inch drivers and an upward-firing concentric speaker, while the center speaker has two 5-inch drivers with a 5-inch front-mounted passive radiator enclosure. To deliver deeper bass, the 600-watt powered subwoofer has a 10-inch long-throw woofer, a sealed enclosure with DSP processing, and an integrated BASH amplifier.

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