Yulong DA9 Balanced DAC/Amp

$618.75 $1,290
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The Yulong DA9 combines a DAC, a powerful class A headphone amplifier, and a high-current preamp in one high-end, fully balanced unit. The DAC supports DoP64 and DoP128, and up to 384kHz/24bit PCM and native DSD256. The headphone amp has a single-ended and balanced headphone out, with the balanced amp delivering 3 watts at 32 ohms. Complete with a gold-plated front panel, the aluminum and steel housing provides excellent isolation to interference and vibration. Key components are hand-paired to ensure linearity, and the variety of connection options includes USB, Toslink, SPDIF, and AES/EBU inputs, along with RCA/XLR outputs. To learn more, check out this review

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